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  1. This question never crossed my mind until now. Yeah, why not renew our vows? But mind you, it would cost money because the renewal is nothing if you have no guests to share the occasion.

  2. For 25 years and 50 years, I guess the celebration is more of a thanksgiving than the renewal of vows itself that matters. We have attended such events and it  really is nice when we can see couple of living together for years and still being strong and so much in love. If I can have the chance then maybe I will also do it. But he is now in a better place and we nearly get to 25 years.

  3. Its good to get married once you are ready and love your spouse.If you have been together for so long and your relationship is waxing stronger,you can renew your vows.I love marriage but the whole celebration thing is just a waste of time and resources. Renewing vows is a total waste of money.I don’t see any importance of it.I don’t need to make vows publicly to my wife before I’m committed to her 

  4. I really definitely do that because the love I have for my wife, and for my lovely children and family members I will surely renew my promises.

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