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To me, religion is a thing of choice. We all have the choice to either be religious or not

Oghenekome Irobo
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The quick and easy answer to why people are religious is that God – in whichever form you believe he/she/they take(s) – is real and people believe because they communicate with it and perceive evidence of its involvement in the world. Only 16% of people worldwide are not religious, but this still equates to approximately 1.2 billion individuals who find it difficult to reconcile the ideas of religion with what they know about the world. Why people believe is a question that has plagued great thinkers for many centuries. Karl Marx, for example, called religion the “opium of the people”.… Read more »

MathzyM Adamu
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Yes not all are religious, some are hypocrite that live by serving any god since they see others serving and without destination or reasons.

Corazon Henson
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Maybe you have to go outside to a public place and get a survey of all the people you meet on the streets to get an accurate answer and then you can post it here.

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