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  1. There are various reasons that relationships can become complicated and it’s usually because two people can want different things from it. It could be that one of them wants children and the other doesn’t. There could be arguments about money and deciding what it should be spent on. There could be jealousy issues, the list is endless.

    Looking back on my own relationships the most complicated reasons were lack of understanding and not bothering to see the other person’s point of view. I have been with my present partner for 16 years and in that time we have overcome many problems. It hasn’t always been easy and there are times I wanted to leave but we worked through it.

    Very few people are 100% compatible but if you talk and discuss the things that bother you and are causing stress you can get over it. I don’t think relationships were ever meant to be easy.

  2. Relationship can be complicated when there is no trust between the two people involved. complicated relationship sometimes can leads to destruction in such a relationship because there is no solid foundation behind it which is trust and simple understanding. When these two things couldn’t be found in the relationship, then it will so complicated to both of them.

  3. Being romantic and wanting to be inspired by the person you’re dating doesn’t always mean you end up in the healthiest, best relationships. In fact, some of the qualities of relationships that are most harmful for the people in them — drama, game-playing, cheating, or worse — can be the most creatively fulfilling. It’s not that all creative people are self-destructive, or that none of us end up with awesome people (actually, that is where most of us end up, luckily), but before we do, we likely spent way too much time with people who were bad for us because they kept us creatively stimulated

  4. Relationship is really complicated. It is really complicated especially people nowadays are setting standards. And when their partners don’t meet their standards, there will be disappointments. We have to be contented of what we have because if we really love our partner, we won’t set standards.

  5. Relationship is complicated nowadays because there’s lack of trust, contentment and true love for each other, most relationship now is based the love of money and not a true love anymore
    Good Relationship isn’t easy to find any more, you just have to accept the fair one that you have.

  6. It is because, in relationship, everyone thinks what he or she thinks and tells and does is only correct and the other party is totally wrong. It is the root cause of all strained relationship. If either the man or the woman understands and adjusts to thesituations, such conflicts can be avoided.

  7. what is a relationship? It is a feeling in which you enter into your happiness as well as happiness for the other party.For such happiness to exist always, you have to know the objective of the relationship.Some of the reasons why relationship get complicated is not identifying the reason for the relationship.
    Lack of trust in any relation can also cause it. Inability to handle issues properly when need be. Listening to third parties, when partners allow third party to step into the relationship when they are not supposed to can make a relationship gets complicasted.Greedy is another factor, when a party or both demand more than they can afford.

  8. these may be due lack of trust and fidelity. there was a girl who had two best friends they play happily together until when one of them finally proposed to her, immediately the one that proposed became jealous any time the girl is found with the other guy. these was just because they were now into a relationship rather than mere friends. I believe jealous is a reason.

  9. Most relationships are complicated because every individual is different. Spouses may have common characters but those different characters can bring most complications. Moreover, many people go into relationships with very irrational expectations. When this expectations are not met, they feel so disappointed. This makes the relationship more complicated. Furthermore, people change from time to time. The person you are in a relationship with will not remain the same person all the time. Most couples do not know how to deal with this kind of change. This becomes another source of complications.

  10. It is simple to understand this. You have to accept that each individual is a unique creation of God and we have a different perspective with everyone. We have different ideology even to those people who are very close to our hearts, people that we love. And because of this we tend to complicate relationships as life is itself complicated and so with love is. We always think that when we enter a relationship that it will be a smooth sailing one. But it is the other way around. Though we may have different views on the matter what is important is we know how to respect and accept other’s views. This way we can make better in our relationship with everyone around and most especially the one that we love.

  11. Relationship are always complicated because we human are also complicated sometimes interests in a relationship might differ sometimes it might be aligned just like we have different moods as humans. Most importantly relationships are always complicated at first but with time comes less complications.

  12. Life itself is complicated sometimes and other times it is heavenly. This is to say that there will always ups and downs in every relationship and of every kind even. What matters is the ability of the love you share to stand the test.

    Some misunderstandings help to relieve tension and further open up a network of more understanding between couples. They are unavoidable and okay as long as things are sorted amicably.

    The good times must heavily outweigh the bad times else it would become a question of whether it is a relationship or whether it is real love you share.

  13. Relationship is really normal that is not smooth or complicated, there’s no perfect in any kind of relationship .thers always a problem, there’s always also a solution for that. Relationship to God only is not complicated. So just think it that’s way its a package together with f you have relationship, gf or husband there’s always a problem, it’s not perfectly smooth will going on. So it’s just up to you whether you will stay or not in that kind of relationship. It’s just normal but there’s always a solution for complicated relationship.

  14. Relationships are complicated because of the way we handle it or let me said how we treat each other in a relationship. Most women are not submissive to their man, claiming equal rights and also the man that has a lovely wife keep cheating on her. Let just pray for God intervention in every of our relationship.

  15. When a relationship is complicated in my opinion it means both lovers don’t know or are not sure if they are still in the relationship or not. This usually happens when you no longer feel loved like before or you just had one of those misunderstandings lovers have in relationships it’s just that this one is taking too long to end.
    The thing is complications will always come. If it doesn’t come then know that either of you ain’t gonna get a chance to slip a ring into those fingers.
    However, complications are not what you should look forward to instead be ready to solve them and your bond will get stronger as well as your love.

  16. Yes I am sure that most relationship are so difficult to majority and minority that seem we can’t live without relationship due to how it is complicated that it continue even at married home.The reason why relationship are difficult are:lack of understanding in relationship, trust, lack of enduring or patients ns respect.we should ask God for wisdom same way as Solomon did,because there is no perfect relationship without God help.

  17. people tend to be more concerned when they are in a relationship than when they are ordinary friends so the complications that arise is as a result of between in the relationship is just for both parties to understand each other the more.

  18. There’s a common saying; “the course to true love never did run smooth” and that right there is the answer. I always say to people that finding love is the easiest bit because you then need to nurture and grow it to keep it going. Along the way, as you grow together, you will no doubt come up against various trials and tribulations that will truly put your love to the test. The longer you’re able to stay together, you’ve also got to contend with your love evolving and taking on different forms. I’m afraid those who are not prepared to put in the work will fail at love because it’s not always flowers and hearts. It’s as simple as that.

  19. Lack of understanding between partners,one sided love, unnecessary complains ,lack of maximum attention, relationship get more complicated when there is no privacy among partners,having feelings of not being enough,having side chick,when you don’t always appreciate each other effort ,No sorry for wrongs ,lack of communication.

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