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  1. Search me! I honestly get frustrated because people in my country seem to think pyramid schemes are a viable ‘business venture’. They totally disregard the fact that they are illegal here. I’ve banned people from talking to me about them because it’s a total waste of my time. IDK I guess people who fall for the schemes are desperate?

  2. The pyramidal network helped some people in the past but not now because it has turned to scam, why people still fall scammed is that they will fashion it in the way it looked true after a successful payment for a short time then the later will fall victim.

  3. I don’t really get the question. But I guess you are asking why people do fall for scam?. We have in one way or the other fell for scam before be it small or big. But most of the people that do fall for scam now is due to their negligence to warnings.

  4. Probably because of scammers sweet talk, or wanting to make quick money or greediness or been hypnotized

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