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  1. I also noticed that, because I chat people here when I wanna ask something but they seldom reply, maybe some thoughts that there’s no points in chatting, but actually when chatting there’s also an add point.

  2. Is because most of the people here are not steady they are only here to ask and answer questions which at the end of it the get paid and the walk away. Some people are seeing that chat room as a burden to them

  3. I like working on online site partly because I want to earn a few pennies but also love interacting with different people from all walks of like the world over. When I first joined Twibba a few weeks ago, I thought it was that kind of site but soon realised it wasn’t.

    Then I discovered the chatroom and thought wow, that’s brilliant! However, when I made my way over there, I found nobody and only a couple of threads which nobody had even responded to. I can’t be certain but my guess is most people enjoy coming and going as they like ‘without the hassle of socialising’. So I guess it’s just that kind of site.

  4. Some new members are not in the group,I wanted to join but I always receive message “you can’t join the group is full.
    For those that are already have joined, some don’t chat there because most members are inactive. Others believe that the platform to just for them to earn so anything that they will do that will not will earn them is not worth doing.

  5. I don’t know about people but as for me chatting on twibba with friends does not seems confidential it is just like a group page that everyone can view my conversation with other friends, moreover I not on twibba to chat with friends but learn share and earn. that is all.

  6. The reason I don’t is because people always want to chat when I am busy on the site and it puts me off if I keep having to break off. I’m more likely to make errors or lose my concentration if I keep stopping to use the chat site.

    I have engaged in chat before but I much prefer the community forum where I can go and ask questions about the site and even if a moderator doesn’t answer another member is sometimes able to help. I normally go there after I have finished answering questions but there are very few people who use it which is a shame.

  7. Asking and aswering questions on is more than chartting.because you learn more than you asked.for one to expect the whole platform to be a kind of ordinary chartting forum ,will make it look is a school of it’s own ,what i personally understand about is that you can dig deep to a whole lots of new things everyday as long as you log on the platform.for this reason i can say twibba is morethan a charting media.rather it’s a school.

  8. People here come and go. And they just come to finish what they think is the business that they want to. I tried to use the chatroom a couple of times for some question to fellow members that might be of help to me for clarification. But they never replied. It was only Twibba who I had a little chat with and it did really help. Maybe someday we will learn to connect as well. Think the time zone is the main problem here. But I know this chatroom can be a good start to talk more about the site.

  9. The chat room is not really active as far as am concerned because there are hardly 30 members active in the chat room,besides most people here on twibba are here to earn only few are here to get to know other members not alone chat.

  10. The chatroom is always blank, is only few members that are active there, and some new users don’t know about the chatroom at all, while a lot of users are busy gathering there tira as it is much important to them.

  11. I don’t know why other members are not always active on the chat room. Not that I’m also active on the chat room but I guess the reason is because so many members already have a target as to how many tira they want to earn per day so going to the chat room will just be a distraction.
    For members like me whose phone has small RAM, you can imagine how frustrating it will be when I’m answering questions. I dont think you would advice me to come to the chat room when I’m battling with my phone hanging.
    Some people also ask the same questions over and over again that is why I don’t like going to the chat room.

  12. twibba network is meant to learn, share and earn. so, many people believe that the network is not meant for chatting with friends rather it is to share ideals between people of different background, culture, nations, and tribe. that is why they are not interested in the chat room.

  13. Some people using this platform are just here to earn money while some are here to to earn and learn. So making use of the platform chat room is not on their agenda(s). Also, i think people see no need to use the chat room since the platform support system(team) is going great.

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