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  1. The only name that appears on the newspapers now is the owner of Ali Baba which is the counterpart of Amazon in China. His name is Jack Ma and he a member of China’s politburo.

  2. The richest man in China, Jack Ma, plans to retire this Monday from Alibaba, the $420 billion e-commerce company that he founded, according to an interview with the New York Times. But a report in The South China Morning Post Saturday morning says otherwise.

    “An Alibaba spokesman said Ma remains the company’s executive chairman and will provide transition plans over a significant period of time, contrary to a New York Times article that said he was ‘stepping down’ to ‘retire.’ The Times story was taken out of context and factually wrong, the spokesman said,” the Post reported.

    Ma, a former English teacher whose net worth is now estimated at $40 billion, co-founded Alibaba in 1999. He turns 54 this coming Monday. His birthday also coincides with a the Chinese holiday of Teacher’s Day, which celebrates educators. Ma stepped down as Alibaba’s chief executive in 2013, but remained executive chairman

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