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  1. On the contrary, am not disappointed with Twibba. I wasn’t expecting payments this month so I can’t worry about that. But all the same, sorry about your delayed payments.

    As with regards to the new low on the point system, I haven’t experienced that yet. This is in fact my first post since Twibba came back online. But even at that, I wouldn’t say am disappointed with the decrease in points. I mean, questions and answers have been made unlimited now. That should make up for the new changes effected on the point system. And besides, before now the highest points you could make in a day by answering questions was 125, a total of 5 answers. I bet you can now make way above that since answering questions is now unlimited. The same goes for asking questions. We all knew and complained about the difficulties and delays in approving questions. Now we can ask as much as we like and earn even more. So I don’t see what the problem is.

    Also, there’s been a lot of major changes on the platform. I mean, the site looks more promising now. Am loving every bit of the platform’s interface. We now have more user functions on our dashboard. I think Twibba is doing great right now.

  2. I am disappointed not because i was not paid but becsuse of the new rate of activities that we do. It is far very low. Imagine asking question from 29.7895 down to 9.7895. Answering question from 25.9233 fown to 5.9233.

    Imagine if you have the rate before if you have 10 questions you should have 290.7895 now you will only have 90.7895.  That is too low and the site will be flooded by questions and answers not even sure if it will always be with substance. So disappointed now with their rate. Way too low.

  3. I suppose it’s disappointing that we couldn’t get paid but it wasn’t just the updates that held up our payments it was the fact the site was hacked and so Twibba had to spend time getting it fixed.

    I didn’t get my payment either but I’m happy to wait until the end of June. I’m sure that lots of people will be fed up about it but I’m confident we will be paid.

  4. If you are disappointed because you haven’t been paid by the platform as promised, I would say you should check your activity (ies) on the platform. Have been paid thrice by this platform and the payment do come when needed. Though the amount expected is not what I got but I was not disappointed

  5. We were complaining that the tira exchange rate was too small. That was when it was 1 tira = 0.9 NGN. now is 0.7.

    How did they want us to cope with this. instead of increasing the exchange rate, they are reducing it.

    Very sad indeed.

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