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  1. Both male and female are pillars of love. They both have roles to play in order to make the relationship strong and for it to go far. The main thing that keep relationships lasted for a long time and growing even stronger with time is when the female maintains her feminine nature and the male maintains his masculine nature.

    A female’s feminine nature is seen as a woman who is caring, sympathetic and understanding. She is the one who will depict a lot of emotional love in the relationship. She understands that her man needs to be trusted and understood at all times. She also shows that she believes in her man even when others don’t believe in him.

    The masculine nature in a male is depicted by their need to be the one to chase the woman, provide for her needs and be the head of the family if there is one. He will show his love not through emotional outbursts like women but through ,checking on his woman and being so hardworking as to provide for her needs as far as he is capable.

    When all this differences and roles of males and females are understood and adhered to in a relationship, they become the pillars of love.

  2. Both are pillars to love in a better way. God has created all men and women equal. In every relationship, both the guy and girl should love each other and express themselves. Love is a good thing for individuals and all couples should have the respect along with it.

  3. I think both male and females are the pillars to love because they can control how strong a love will be. In a situation whereby the male is not well committed to the relationship, the female can make him to become committed because they have this kind of power to a man’s heart which makes men to pay attention to them . A man as well can be a pillar to love by showing the woman love beyond measure even when the woman is not fully in the relationship, his love and affection can make her to fall in love. so I believe the two parties have impact on the strength of the love.

  4. Both male and female are pillars to love, Women are great lovers ,it takes them time to fall in love and when they do it is forever,men are the same too but they seem.wiser about it. I believe in a love relationship,it is the responsibility of both parties to sustain the pillar of love.  Both parties supplement each other and this keeps the pillar of love that exists.

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