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  1. I am not on many sites which are providing an opportunity to earn money free. I am on Mylot since last 13 years where I am comfortable but the earnings there are very slow but the interaction and passing of some quality time is great there!

    Another site which I am on is Forum coin whee we can make 10 t 15 forum coins, that ia 10 to 15 cents easily per day after putting in an effort of an hour or so!

    I think you can have a try on these two sites and have some good time

  2. Not all sites are international so you need to find sites that accept your country.

    I believe that MyLot  and Forumcoin accept Nigerians, they are not fast earners but they will make you a little extra.

    There is also a new Q&A site called Masmic but you would have to check which countries it accepts. I believe I have seen  a Nigerian member of Twibba posting over there but it pays out in XLM crypto currency which is not for me. You could take a look at these sites though and see if they appeal to you.

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