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  1. The mass failure of jamb this year is the attitude of candidates toward any examination. Students nowadays don’t want to engage themselves in reading. They prefer Expo in order to pass. So you know you can hardly cheat in jamb. That is the reason of the mass failure.

  2. one of the factors that causes high rate of failure in the just concluded jamb 2019 is firstly unprepared attitude by the exam conductors the Wer not fully prepared to my own opinion to conduct the exams then putting the blame on the candidate for cheating in the exams.

  3. Though the exams wasn’t difficult! but high rate of failure occurred as a result malfunction of machines in some of the centers which make most of the candidates frustrated. I suggest jamb should look carefully into the problem of faulty in those Machines in order make an improvement next year.

  4. This year Jamb failure rates can always be credited to the candidates, some of these candidates already rely on cheating and malpractice they took the exam with levity hand since it was all objective questions and fail to study well during their tutorial period by spending most of their time on social media platform instead of reading their books.
    Some weren’t calm enough in the examination hall because of exam tension by this they choose the wrong answer even though they knew the correct answer.
    I hope this year JAMB examination will serve as a lesson to work very hard for any student preparing to write the exam in the coming years.

  5. The reason is that most of the students takes jamb examination for granted being it only objectives no theory. That is is the reason they are not preparing well and not caring too much about the exam. Definitely Objectives questions are more harder than theory ones’ sometimes. No matter how difficult exam is, if you are well prepared you will pass it.

  6. I think the plan for this year’s jamb is what actually caused the failure. the students fail to do their best and the jamb officials did not plan well for this year jamb that is why even their data based was hacked by hackers. the failure also shows the decline in our education system.

  7. I would not blame jamb this year for massive failures because there were many cases of irregular registration and mass malpractice during the course of registration and execution of the examination,,,so to me jamb is just punishing both the innocent and guilty alike.

  8. I believe no exam is difficult if you prepare hard. And by prepare hard I mean months before the time table for the exam is even set. Students often start their preparation late that is why they end up failing UTME. Also many students do not know how to manage the time given as they end up answering just half of the questions before their time is up.
    JAMB also have a hand in the mass failure of students as many complained of faulty computers which should not be.

  9. the causes are due to lack of commitment on the side of teachers and students. nowadays students don’t read well and even if they do they don’t understand because the tutors are not willing to give their best but rather they will be waiting for manners that comes from the students in order to give materials during examination.

  10. One of the reasons this year’s jamb examinations failure rate was high is because most of the candidates didn’t prepare well. They took the examination to be very simple since the exam is objective. Also, some of the candidates got disappointed by not seeing answers before the examination day.

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