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Frederick Espiritu
Noble Member

That’ll be a hard case for me especially that now I only have 1 boy. I will try to enlighten him that a boy should be a boy but if that’s won’t work then I will definitely accept him as gay as he is…

Linda Mansfield
Famed Member

I wouldn’t care too much as long as he was happy in life and not getting bullied for it. In the UK gay people are widely accepted. They can even have a ceremony like a marriage called a civil partnership.

Many people think that being gay is a lifestyle choice but it isn’t, there is evidence to support that it is connected to the fluctation of various hormones in the womb so they cannot help being attracted to the same sex any more than straight people can help being attracted to the opposite sex.

Angie Ashworth
Noble Member

I’d accept it. I’d sit down with him and counsel him, prepare him for the outside world and how he’s likely to be treated by some nasty, homophobic people out there. But above all, I’d be there for him and support him through any of the horrible experiences he may encounter.

Dilivio Come
Active Member
Dilivio Come

I would beat the crap out of him

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