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  1. I think this would be one of the worst things that could happen to a child and if I even suspected it was going on  I would take the child to social services to be questioned and examined.  Even if I was in love with the person who was accused I would not have him in my life if he had abused a child and I hope he would be arrested and prosecuted.

    A child’s innocence is so precious and no one has the right to take that away. To be violated at a young age is just horrible and can affect the child’s relationships with others all through his/her life. No child should be subjected to this kind of abuse.


  2. First of all I pray that it will not happen because it is an incest but then if it happens I will make sure the person receive his or her punishment because it is not something one can neglect . it is a taboo and must be handled very well. so I will first go to a priest so that prayers can be made to take away that sinful act and punishment due to it from the family .
    secondly I will take the child to hospital for general observation and tests to make sure that he or she is still in good health . Finally I will isolate the person who committed the act from my family to avoid future occurrence of such act.

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