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Nsyprim Friday
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justice is when the person’s right is being to the person following due process while revenge is when someone wants to pay or pays someone that wrong him/her back in a bad way.
What I am try to say is that revenge is retaliation while justice is restoring balance.

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Justice is the process of law that gives criminals fair judgment and punishment. Revenge is an act of hurting or hurting someone, it is punishment for what they do. The main difference between justice and revenge lies in their goal; justice aims to rectify mistakes, and revenge is only to achieve balance.

Oghenekome Irobo
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Revenge is about retaliation; justice about restoring balance. The motive of revenge has mostly to do with expressing rage, hatred, or spite. In and of itself, it’s not primarily about justice but about victims’ affirming their inborn (but non-legal) right to retaliate against some wrong done to them.

MathzyM Adamu
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Revenge: is any retaliatory action against an individual or a group WHILE justice is a state or characterized of being just or fair.

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