What Is The Biggest And Smallest Currency Note In Your Country? You Have

We have One Rupee note as the smallest note ans Two Thousand Rupee note as the biggest note in our country.

In fact the biggest note was of One Thousand which was abolished in demonetization few years back!

What is the smallest and biggest currency note you have in your country?

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Updated: June 24, 2019 — 3:34 am

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  1. British currency is pounds sterling (GBP).  It is the 4th most traded currency globally behind the US dollar, The Euro and the Japanese Yen.

    The smallest currency is a 1p coin and the highest is £100 banknote. I worked in retail and although I saw a £50 note I never saw a note to the value of £100. We used to have a £500 bank note but this was withdrawn in 1945.

  2. Our currency is the Philippine Peso which has the centavos for the smaller denomination. A peso has 100 centavos. The present exchange rate with the US dollar is 51 pesos. If you earn 1,000 dollars a month then that is already big money here.

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