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  1. Consider The Consequences.
    Avoid Pornography.
    Use Social Media with Caution.
    Question Your Intent.
    Avoid Tempting Situations. Winning early means staying away from traps.
    Practice Sexual Intimacy.
    Consistent Prayer.

  2. It depends on the situation and the place when you are in. If it is the place then leave. But if it is the situation then I guess you have to be stronger.

  3. While pondering the object of your desire, also ponder the consequences of action. Is it going to help or hurt your marriage? How would your wife respond if she knew? Think about where your actions can lead and then imagine your wife finding out. Do you want to deal with the fallout? Always think of the end game. Where do you want to be? Are your thoughts and actions leading you there?

  4. The best way to avoid sexual temptation is to stay far away from anything that has sexual element in it.

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