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  1. Scam investments are getting popular here because of the public’s propensity for putting their money on short term investment (that would yield high interest earnings). For me, a long term investment is a fair and decent one that is much better than a short term investment. But the investment should be in a bank just for safety measure.

  2. Long term investment is the best investment, so I will rather go for long term rather short term.

    For long term they value and profit increase as time goes by.

  3. you can go into a long term investment on real estate( land, buildings etc). and you can also go into short term investment using Forex trade, cryptocurrency etc.

  4. You can do your long term investment on lands land in the cities,you can erect some building in it or live it just like that,within the numbers of years you will see the massive gain,

    but for short term investment,you can go for cryptocurrency,when the price of currency goes up you can sell yours and rain  your pocket with profits.

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