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  1. The best thing that I purchased is a sports car and I really love it! For me, it’s worth it because I can roam around the city without hassle and it’s a sports car! I got lots of attraction from the people around me which is amazing, and the worst I bought a speaker and the bass of the speaker isn’t even working.

  2. I LOVE shopping and wish I had more money to spend LOL But to answer the question, my best purchase, without a doubt has so far been my car. I’ve only been driving for about 2 years and I honestly can’t believe the freedom that having a car afford you, the amount of money saved.

    Taxis are very expensive in my country and the minibuses are a nightmare. Never on time, reckless driving with RUDE drivers. Public transport is just abysmal here. My husband and I got fed up and bought a second-hand runaround that is very, very energy efficient. It’s actually shocking how much of a saving we’re making now that we no longer use taxis!

    The worst purchase I ever made was a bunch of clothes I got off an online Chinese clothing factory. On the website, everything looked fantastic, so I spent £250 on many items I intended to re-sell. When they arrived, I thought someone was playing a nasty, cruel joke on me, only it was REAL. Those clothes were hideous and shoddily made – a lesson well learnt! They went straight in the bin.

  3. The best that I purchased was when I bought bra from online, I thought it’s not good quality because it’s cheap but when it reached I surprise with the quality and it’s very affordable. And the worst that I purchased was the shoes, I bought it a bit expensive but when I try to wear it ,it’s very slippery. Not worth it, the price from the quality are not fit.

  4. My best purchase is related to buy noodles and biscuits. I am a big foodie and proud to be a part of the purchases involved in it. But, my worst purchase was done recently when I got a toothpaste brand which is not good at all. But, I do enjoy shopping and take part also in the process of purchasing things.

  5. In fact my best purchase of the decade was the 15 year old sport bicycle that I have been using for commuting some distance mostly from home to my work place about 10km and have been serving me well without any much issues. While the worst purchase of the year so far was a phone that I bought last month thinking it was the genuine product but instead it is the clone version, the phone just went blank and the spare parts are not readily available. Gosh.

  6. My best purchase is the house I live in. It is just the right size, a fantastic location and my mortgage will soon be paid off and it will be all mine. I will never regret buying it as I can leave it to my children/granddaughter when I die.

    I have made so many bad purchases over time but the worst one is a car that I bought because I thought it was a bargain which I had to scrap after 3 weeks. It went wrong and would have cost more than I paid for it to repair. It still hurts to think about it but live and learn. There is no way I could have known that it would go wrong in such a short space of time.

  7. The best purchase I made in the year 2013 still remains uptil date which was home theatre and a Samsung products having no any fault till I give it out to my younger brother and it functional till date.The worse purchase I regret of very well was a Android phone that I get sick and tired of it,consumption of cell and getting frequently hot whether unplugged or charging.

  8. my best purchase is NFCS T. Shirt, while my worst purchase is expired cream. the most joyous cloth in my life was the most perfectly fitted Nigerian federation of Catholic student T.shirt. while the day I used my money to purchase expired cream can never be forgotten so easily because it cost me a lot.

  9. The best purchase I have made so far is the soccer boot I used early last year. I so much love the soccer boot because it stood the test of time both rainy and sunny days but I had to dash someone due to too much pressure. While my worst purchase so far, is getting a jeans in a boutique in ibadan at night because I needed it for an urgent outing the following day. Getting home I found out the jeans is nothing but first grade OK.

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