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awofeso temitope
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Religions fanaticism is when you take religions more that necessary.

Example, Someone that is sick should visit hospital but insisted that his faith will make him well.

and people noticing that the situation is getting worse and still claimed that his faith will still deliver him until the sickness killed him.


fanaticism is a disease or sickness that i think it is due to ignorance. Bible says my people perish because they lack knowledge.

It can be curbed by educating people on how to operate faith and when to use the necessary drug for proper cure.

SirGift Tutumor
Active Member

Firstly, religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

Fanaticism means extremism,obsession per say..

Religious fanaticism is being obsessive above one’s religion to the extreme..a good example of a group of religious fanatics are Boko-haram,Al-qaeeda,the Al-shabab..

these group of people are religious fanatics cos they are so obsessed with their religion that they go about killing people all in the name of the religion

Iwuchukwu Joseph
Active Member

Religion fanaticism is when you are hold your religion to the extreme that you think that other religion are inferior and only your own to superior than others . This is makes the person to condemn anyone that do not belong to his own religion and only to believe only things that comes from his own religion. This act is not Godly and most cases can lead to war.

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