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It is believed that fasting is a way of demanding something of urgent need from God

Oghenekome Irobo
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Among the Western religions, only Zoroastrianism prohibits fasting, because of its belief that such a form of asceticism will not aid in strengthening the faithful in their struggle against evil. The other Western religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—emphasize fasting during certain periods.

Fasting is a deliber- ate abstinence from physical gratification—usually going without food for a period of time—to achieve a greater spiritual goal. Fasting is intentionally denying the flesh in order to gain a response from the spirit. It means renouncing the natural in order to invoke the su- pernatural.

Corazon Henson
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The religious fasting is to fortify the faith of the person in his religion. If you have a weak faith then you have to fast for 1 day at least.

Alex Socorro
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Fasting is a sacrifice by the faithful as an offering for the forgiveness of sins. It is usually done by a repentant person during church days.

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