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  1. Am not afraid or scared of tomorrow never coming …. because it has already been apointed by our maker/God that man must leave this world some day… weather we like it or not…

  2. I recently read in the paper that a 20 year old girl was in a car collision close to where I live and was killed outright. It occurred to me that when she got out of bed that morning she had no idea it would be her last day.

    For this reason I think we should tell our loved ones every day how much they mean to us because we really don’t know what is around the corner.

  3. It is like saying I will die tomorrow. Maybe I would just say my gratitude for being part of my life. I don’t want to be dramatic. No need to be crying if the end is coming.

  4. Well,I don’t need to tell anybody anything .We are all gonna die one day and and I don’t believe in being overly mushy.

    Nobody will live forever.I try to love everyone irrespective of your tribe and gender.I show it in my demeanor. Telling people I  care about them because i have limited time on earth wouldn”t change anything

  5. if tomorrow never comes that means I will be going to heaven then, that will certainly be the end of the world, where there will be gnashing of tee

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