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Corazon Henson
Trusted Member

I think those adjective are almost the same and it only differs when you get to use it. Humble is not being proud and modest is also not being proud.

Shedrack Titus

Humble is an adjective, so it is used to describe someone, whereas humility is a noun. They both basically mean the samething. Someone who is humble is not arrogant or overly proud. He/she is modest and does not think he/she is better than anyone else.

Daisy28 Orillo
Active Member

Meaning actually are thesame,it just deoend on the sentence how will you use it.modest actually use for sentence like hes too modest,or descent.timid or shy.but humble is use for like not arrogant.reverse of looks synoym but they have different use in using the sentence.

Jon Ud
Active Member
Jon Ud

They are kinda similar in meaning but it still boils down to the sentence in which you are using them. Depending on the build of the sentence, they might be synonyms that can be used in place of the other and also depending on the sentence they might fit well to replace the other. Humble is being submissive, respectful and not proud. While modest is being simple

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