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  1. I’m mostly onto forum writing so I could name Forum Coin. In fact, a member there was the one who introduced me to twibba. Also a member from mylot, but I’m not really that active lately.

  2. Paid forum posting is my main line of earning in the internet. I enjoy the forum by reading the posts where I learn something and that I can also share my knowledge on the topic. When I earn from that work then it is like earning while learning.

  3. Good online sites have been on the decline for a couple of years now. When I first started working online, we were really spoilt for choice. Now all I see are transcription sites, PTC and apps and none of those interest me because they’re such slow earners. You might want to try Humanatic – a call review site that seems to still be going strong.

  4. I believe apart from twibba another platform that pays well is Olympic trade, I love that platform so much because it very legit and good for bachelors like to make cold cash in it.

  5. I am into Postloop that was giving me extra money until it was sold to the new owner and everything went awry and suddenly it’s kaput. I think it’s already several months now that it stopped operating due to technical problems.

  6. Online jobs that pays are the crypto investment  which is same as gambling in an advanced way  and also the affiliate marketing  which takes a whole lot time depends on what exactly you want to sell ,I think these two online jobs pays

  7. Online jobs…. This one has to do with how you wish to earn the money. There are other online jobs to do which include forex trade, crypto investment and getting bits of cryptos…

  8. The best job I know on the internet is affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing is just like our day-to-day business where one can sell his goods and make profit out of it.

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