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  1. When you talk about working out for a flat belly the best options is to do son sit ups , two types of situps ,


    First you lay down facing the sky  and next you pull up self like you  want to sit ,do that constantly it increases a  60% of loosing belly fat and you going flatt belly

    While the second has to deal with you squat down and up which has 30% of losing blly fat and 70% of lap muscle.

  2. Getting a flat tummy depends on the intake of the person in question. One can get a tummy belt which I believe might help and also, sitting ups should also help. Drinking a lot of water and doing a bit of exercise should help too…

  3. It may not be appropriate for me answer this question for I have a bulging tummy. But the advice is to do sit ups twice a day that will burn the fats and strengthen the stomach muscles. If you can do 40 sits up twice a day then you will have a better tummy in 2 weeks time.

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