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Corazon Henson
Trusted Member

Oh yes, I was the quiet type in school because our teachers were so strict. I had to learn not to chat inside the classroom just so there will be no problem.

Shedrack Titus

Great Strategies for Dealing With Shy Students

4 min. by Guest Author. …
Bring the shy students to the front. Don’t let students pick their seats in class. …
Call on students even when they don’t have their hands raised. …
Get your extraverts to help. …
Always remember to involve them. …
Take a minute to talk to them one on one. …
Be patient. …
Be vigilant.

Daisy28 Orillo
Active Member

No ,i am very talkative,thats why my teachers always ask me to bring my patents in a guidance councilor,because even they are teaching,sometimes im not listenimg,i just like to talk with my classmates.

Oghie Asunomeh
Oghie Asunomeh

Hell no!. I was not the quite type , I gave a  lot of trouble even and because of that I was always the one the teachers look at when things go wrong in the class. Lol.

Angie Ashworth
Noble Member

Oh gosh, no!! I was always in trouble for talking too much. If I wasn’t talking I was giggling away but certainly NOT paying attention. Looking back, I must have been a nightmare for some teachers. I wasn’t rude or anything because it would’ve got back to my parents, who were both teachers.

MathzyM Adamu
Active Member

That is my natural character and life style of living, am always quiet type right from my primary to institution level that I never like disturbances or much noise and I never like making much friends but having a stroll with wise and smart quiet persons.

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