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  1. I don’t think is advisable how can someone get married at tender age just because of saying that no sex before marriage it’s a bad thinking and advice to give someone to give someone to get married at tender age,for girl there will be a problem because a girl having sex at the age of 11 we have some intercourses problem like smiling and so many things

  2. For me it’s not advisable to marry at the young age, because it could cause more a lot of problems.We can’t avoid sex before marriage at this generation. You just can avoid how to practice safe sex without getting pregnant and without getting disease. But it’s not right that getting married at the early age just to avoid sex before married. Marriage is a lifetime relationship that we should prepare and ready for that time.

  3. No, early marriage is not the best thing to do in order not to engage in premarital sex. Early marriage has many negative consequences including physical, financial and mental. I believe that a great marriage happens when both partners are physically, emotionally and financially mature. This maturity does not come during the early stages of life. Therefore, one should wait till they are mature enough to get married. While waiting for this, they should learn to conquer their sexual feelings though great ways or engage in safe sex if they fail to control their feelings. I know many do not believe in premarital sex due to cultural and religious beliefs and so they should be taught on ways of abstinence, while those who engage in premarital sex should do it safely.

  4. Marriage at a very tender age is as bad as sex before marriage itself. If someone marries at the age when they do not fully understand what exactly they are going into, they tend to run out of it when they get to understand better.

    Inasmuch as it is advisable to marry on time, when you will be able to bear children and exercise your parental franchise, it is unadvisable to marry at a very tender age. Sex before marriage is even comparatively or relatively better.

  5. It is the best especially for the females but as the world keeps advancing on daily basis so we are also seeing different diseases connected to early pregnancy, another challenge with early marriage is the ability of the lady or man to understand and manage the challenges in marriage cos life and existence is sophisticated unlike in the old days when everything were primitive. At 18 a lady can get married to prevent adultery.

  6. In our present community sex before marriage has now become a norm and getting married at a tender age is wrong and is seen at child abuse and it does not combat sex before marriage because kids at 15,16,17 etc have started having unprotected sex before marriage. So early marriage does not combat sex before marriage

  7. No it isbt. It never is. Even though it is in our culture, it is wrong. It’s pedophilic. It’s better to have a conversation with the child to know the consequences and protect themselves. Early marriage is never the way. And sex at a young age, married or not, has great consequences.

  8. The question is how early? Human start getting sexual feeling right from a very tender age and by the time they reach in the age group of 10-14 they really get attracted to sexual act in most cases. Some of them even try it even if not regularly.

    So what age do you suggest for early marriage. I suggest we should let the teenagers know all about sex, give them a proper sex education and let them merry according to their wish and law of the land. Early marriage at an early marriage is not a solution of anything but it may create complications.

  9. No. To prevent eaely pregnancy is not it solution to marry early. it is a big sim to marry at early stage.God is going to punish every parents who give and forve their daughters to marry at the early stage.So if you have any solution to that you must use it but don’t try to marry early because of pregnancy it may mistakenly comes. To me I can decide not ro have sex for long tike but nothing will change because I am not addicted to it. but if you can’t sit there for long time without sex you need to protect yourself when you want to have sex but not that you will Mary at the early stage. Marry at the early stage could cause many problems. example The woman may be difficult to give birth since the hymen is not widely which may may finally can lead to death.

  10. early marriage is good ,because when your children is growing the grow together with you that is the advantage ,the disadvantage of this early marriage is, when the both partner are not mature in mind and age it becomes a problem it may resolve to divorce.

  11. Marriage is another education that involved experience, knowledge,challenge and understanding to overcome any temptation which may come your way.maturity may also increase your level of understanding to prevent sex before marriage than early marriage at tender age.most of the broken home are caused tender age marriage because she have no emotions before marriage and is mostly practice by Hausa given out their daughter at premature and tender age to avoid shame to the family. To me is not advisable to married at tender age because every woman need a peaceful settlement, let her mature to know good and bad.

  12. Getting married at a tender age is not a bad idea
    it depends on the income of the family that will be able to sustain the family.
    but early marriage does not really prevent unwanted pregnancy nor sex before marriage because in this 21 century, most of the children start having sexual affair with d opposite sex at a very tender age sometimes before 10years .
    so getting married early does not stop sex before marriage.

  13. Marriage at tender age is well advisable to some certain communities because it reduced unwanted sex, expecaily in a community were their is less education participation eg the Rurals areas, those people are normally nomadic

  14. It is not advisable to marry at tender age in order to prevent sex before marriage. Marriage is not a place for children. It is a place that requires some level of maturity. Their are so many ways to prevent sex before marriage other than early marriage

  15. It is not advisable to get married at a tender age rather he or she should wait for the right time and gain more knowledge about sex and also know the consequences surrounding early sex and early marriage and should focus on his or her duties to the society at large and study hard for a better future before going into marriage

  16. I think it’s a terrible idea as a very young girl would not be emotionally or physically ready for marriage or a first sexual experience. Some girls have their first period as young as 9 or 10 years old and would not be able to carry a child at such a tender age should they become pregnant.

    There is a recorded case of a 10 year old year old girl giving birth by Caesarian section in Colombia although the father is not known. How can a child giving birth to a child ever be right. She would not be prepared in any way to care for a baby plus it could physically damage her.

    I am very much against child brides even though some cultures allow it. Children should be children and should be learning about life through play and should not be married off at ridiculously young ages to middle aged men.

  17. it is not advisable to engage in early marriage most especially for the male because marriage doesn’t stop your urge for sex. but I will advise that instead of going into marriage go rather in cancelling to obtained information that can better of your life. this though is an ideal.

    1. There’s no effective means of combating sex before marriage and bringing it to a halt. It’s just impossible in the type of society we live today. And to think that early marriage is a possible way out just compounds the problems.

      Am of the opinion that early marriage causes more problems in the society than premarital sex. There’s recorded health issues and complications arising from early marriage, especially with the females. Asides from the psychological problems, there’s every possibility of sex organ damages associated with early marriage for girls in cases of pregnancy. This is because their bodies haven’t mature enough to withstand the process. And unfortunately, many regions and countries still practice the act of early marriages till date. In Nigeria for instance, consent age is set at 11 – the lowest consent age in the world. One can blame this flaw in the country’s law for problems associated with early marriages.

      Hence, from all that has been said above, early marriage clearly doesn’t help in combatting premarital sex, rather it causes health complications and more issues in the society as a whole.

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