Tira Exchange Rates

At TwibbaNetworks, we make use of our own customized virtual currency called “TIRA” with symbol “₮”. This is to enable us have control over the rates we give our users without any bias to their currency or country they come from.

How to convert Tira to your currency

Converting Tira to your own currency is necessary for withdrawal and topping up your Twibba account. You can always check our website page header to easily access our daily exchange rates. Below is the simple maths to calculate the Tira equivalent in your currency:

Today’s rate: 1 Tira = 0.7 Naira (i.e 100 Tira = [100*0.7]=70 Naira / 1 Tira = 0.002 US Dollars (i.e 100 Tira = [100*0.002]=0.2 USD

Feel free to replace the figures with your desired figures, the maths remain the same. If you have further questions about our currency and rates, please contact us on [email protected].


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