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  1. I have  my first bank account at 18 years old when I became a college student and needs to open it up so I can put my allowance in my account. It was not for savings but for my school allowances and also the tuition fees that I will be paying the school. Now a days it is easier to open an account and it is a good thing to do. Teaching the young generation to save money more.

  2. I had my first bank account at 13. It was opened for me by my parents because all along they gave us cash for our pocket money. So at 13 each one of us got a bank account into which the money was deposited. It wasn’t a huge amount, and wasn’t given freely. We had to help around the house for the reward but my, it was the sweetest money earnt. It also helped me learn how to budget and use my money wisely from a young age. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

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