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  1. In terms of organization and cataloguing, Jumia trumps Konga. With respect to diversity, Jumia wins again.

    What about with respect to website design? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

    How we came about this review? Well, QuickSell watches all major and minor businesses in Nigeria, and we gather periodic reports on them and showcase the best discounts around. Our job is never complete, though.

  2. Have not use any of the tow but since when have no online business  Jumia is my familys and friends use most and confirmed that they are product is good

  3. I have never used anything of the two online platform before. I don’t shop online. So I don’t know which is better.

  4. I prefer jumia over konga, jumia is better because they deliver on time and you get exactly what you ordered for.

    Onlike other site that delay during delivery.


  5. I prefer jumia when compared with Konga because personally i have been using jumia for some years, it is more explicit and easy to use.


  6. I just realised that items and appliances are way cheaper on Konga than on Jumia. Konga also has cheaper shipping rates as well than Jumia. Everything on Jumia too cost, shipping cost is way too much, they don’t pay their agents well self, the commission is super extra low when someone buys infinix or innjoo phones.. Konga is way better.yes this just the truth

  7. Though I haven’t used konga to shop, but I have been shopping on jumia for a while now I must say am impressed with the delivery of their products most especially those packages order from outside the country. They usually come as described.

  8. I think Jumia is better option, because firstly it very accessible to any customer using any device also most of the new product first dropped I Jumia before getting to any other platform lastly the don’t see old product, and the really deliver on time.

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