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SireRumu Rumu
Noble Member
Masud Rumu

I do understand that everyone in life is different in the sense that we all have distinctive personalities which embodies attitude, character and behavior. Some people always display a positive behavior by being happy and rejoiceful even in situations that doesn’t really benefit them but some other close person. This type of behavior is perceived as a positive energy and definitely a good attitude. While others remain happy, some other people either choose or were by nature made sad. These type of people are almost always never happy. These are types of people that might have a problem with another… Read more »

Rosemarie Chavez
Noble Member

Yes it is for me bad so better try not have that attitude because you can just feel bitter with every success of another person. You have to control it from the start because it will just ruin or worst you will be eaten by what’s inside you. Try to be happy with the success of others and let them be an inspiration that if they can do it then you can also have the chance to do it and be even better. Feeling good for others can be the start of going to do something good for yourself. Be… Read more »

Oghenekome Irobo
Noble Member

You are so magical that really—you need not be jealous. Believe in your beauty, have faith in yourself. You are a masterpiece. You there, focus on your win, not on their defeat.

The only thing that decides weather being jealous is good or not, is what you do after getting jealous. When i am jealous about something, i first try to know what actually is making me jealous. If that is something useless i just make myself calm and understand that it’s stupid.

Jon Ud
Noble Member
Jon Ud

No type of jealousy is ever good. Instead being jealous talk to that person to put you through

Iwuchukwu Joseph
Trusted Member

Jealousy is not a virtue but rather a vice and as such is very bad .

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