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  1. There is nothing wrong with being virgin, men or women. It’s a personal decision and the society need not to mind it. We are being judgemental to the things that we don’t have a right to judge. Respect any individuals life choices.

  2. It is not wrong, it is prefect correct,if you can remain virgin before marriage I salute you. That’s the very happiest gift to your husband to be. Because in this generation very few woman can do that. Although it’s not big deal to some man the virginity but in true that’s the number one pride of the Man that they marry a virgin woman.

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man remaining a virgin till marriage. I have also noticed that women are the ones who are mostly encouraged to stay virgins till marriage but the same is not insisted on men. I don’t know why it is this way.

    Staying virgin till marriage is considered noble in many societies and it is a decision that is made and sustained by an individual. Therefore, if a man has decided to do so, then I do not see any problem with that.

  4. To remain a virgin till one gets married is centered on choice, on both sides of men and women. If you choose to break your virginity before Marriage, you should; if you choose not to, you should, as well.

    In today’s generation, you hardly see those boys and girls who are thinking of tomorrow, regards to whether or not to keep their bodies intact, for their rightful persons in the future.

  5. When it comes to sex, it’s really down to the individual, their preference and ideals, among others. I personally don’t see anything wrong at all with a man choosing to remain a virgin until he gets married, women do it all the time so why not? I actually think it’s admirable. But the bottom line is there’s no right and wrong way of doing it, it’s up to each person and the choices they make. There’s no law that says you have to have had sex by a certain age.

  6. We are now living in a society where sin is nothing to us, especially when it comes to sex. Our generation of nowadays sees it as a normal thing to do, whereas is a sin. Even men sees as fun, so been a man and you are a virgin the society will called you different names and said you are living in the past but I don’t see anything wrong in been a virgin till you got married as a man.

    That was while in Islam you are permitted to marry at tender age for both women and men so that they will not fornicate

  7. I will say nothing wrong in a man to remain a virgin before marriage, as a matter of fact I will say is good and it will command full respect.
    If is a virgin for now not wrong if he can stay until marriage

  8. I was told that men are not virgin but they have dignity as what they should be proud of, while the women have dignity, but whichever way the best thing to do as a young man is to hold yourself till the day you marry. that’s the right thing to do

  9. Am not entirely sure that the society mocking virginity, even in men.

    Just like @Linda Mansfield said below, society clearly has different views on virginity for both sexes. Most societies around the world do not see or judge wrongly a man who has lost his virginity. In fact some cultures encourage men to have sex multiple times before getting married. But the same culture frowns at ladies who do the same. It really doesn’t make sense. How and where will the man get sex before marriage if not with the same ladies society frowns at for breaking their virginity.

    However, in any case, virginity is regarded as the most high end moral behavior. So I don’t see why it will be wrong for a man to remain a virgin till marriage. In any case, he would be regarded as a responsible individual.

  10. For a man to maintain his virginity until he is married is not a wrong thing.
    Most of the great prophets in the bible were not married so for someone to be a virgin, is not something to be mock at in the society.
    A man who is capable of keeping his virginittu safe is a man that is likely to be faithful when he is married to his wife.

  11. You said the society mock virginity. Well that should be the society’s problem and not your problem. I don’t think it should be anybody’s business whether you are a virgin or not except you go around telling everybody which is not advisable.

    As a man if you decide to remain a virgin till your wedding night then you are free to do that. It’s a personal decision and nobody especially the society has the right to make it for you.

  12. Keeping yourself safe from asexual intercours is a great deals that most men can’t subdued before marriage and you being a virgin till marriage is your mind set but the only way you can avoid sex is to keep yourself pure from females friend because if she eventually you are virgin whereas she is not then she will try engaged you into that act.Let both of you be virgins and learn together after marriage because satisfaction of the male or females due to sex has broken many homes.

  13. I don’t see anything wrong in a man keeping himself away from sex till marriage but the truth is, it is very hard for you to see a man that has not had sex before marriage except if it is an early marriage. Even the northerners that do get married early, it is still very hard for you to see a man that has not had sex before having a wife. Most of them visit brothels. The society settings or belief has made it so hard for a man to be sex free before marriage

  14. The word virgin is used for females became they has Visorginia, and for male is potent because they has potential. Men can’t bear to to potent till marriage except is early marriage, some, even without girlfriends they makes their ways to hotels. Even though you tell a matured man to stay out of sex will say am I a wood “

  15. Virginity is a very personal thing but if a man feels that he wants to remain a virgin until he is married then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    It seems that society has different opinions for men and women when it comes to sex before marriage. In the western world it is thought to be good for a man to gain sexual experience before marriage, sow a few wild oats, but a woman is expected to remain pure or at least be inexperienced when it comes to sex. When you think about it this really doesn’t make sense.

    Casual sex is more widely accepted in this day and age but there is nothing wrong in wanting to save yourself for that one special person. Many couples who intend to get married will experiment beforehand and it does at least tell you if you are sexually compatible so maybe not such a bad thing.

    A man should not be swayed by the opinions of other people if he feels he wants to wait. It takes a strong mind to stand up against the majority. He should do what is right for him.

  16. I don’t see anything wrong for a man to remain a virgin till he is married. That is one of the top ways that you can keep your respect as a man while going about your daily activities. However, it is always important for the man in question to understand that getting married to a lady that has enjoyed much when it comes to intercourse before the marriage is risky. The reason is because she may desire some top satisfaction from the word “go” which the man may not really give to her at that particular point in time.

    So, I will advise that he aims to marry someone that has not been that exposed to the world of sex to avoid some issues that may occur in the marriage.

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