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  1. Sex can actually builds ur confidence but making you beautiful is what I will disagree… If you want to look beautiful then u need to do the needful.. Bath properly, dress nicely, be clean and you will be beautiful enough to attract anybody.. Sex is not the instrument for beautification

  2. According to a pair of dermatologists, sex provides great health benefits to your skin. The increased blood flow and reduced hormone levels that you get through intercourse give you a better complexion. You can prevent menstrual acne flareups through the energy you use in sexual activity.

    1. I agree with you. It’s true. But you should do it to your partner only, into a married couple. Because if you are married then you do it to other partner it could cause heart attack .and it should not always do it also, because it could dry your skin, at least 2 to 3times once a week for a married couple. For not married yet I think you should avoid sex first, because having lots of different sexual partners could cause of diseases. Like STD, HIV and etc. Better practice safe method for not married yet.

  3. I don’t think sex has a direct relation to your image that you can be good looking simply because you were having sex. But maybe there is a grain of truth because sex can give you satisfaction and probably a good aura that people can see your confidence and happiness in your face. But sex will not make you handsome or beautiful.

  4. Yes it really true that having sex really make someone look good and attractive and also make some look more younger that is if you do it in a way that it was instructed by the physicians and it mostly work on girls/woman most , it makes them look fresh but sex shouldn’t be much because if it much for someone that kind of person can die Young within no time

  5. It actually depends on human body.. when it comes to girls, some people look good ND that is because they have one partner.. but for the guys I doubt it makes them look good because the sperm they produce are proteins and nutrients from their system so excess of it only weakens them. Morally,it is best you wait till marriage cause the sweetness of the marriage itself will make you look good.

  6. I am not sure if having sex makes you look goo but the fact is that sexual activity keeps you active and makes your heart stronger. Sexual activity is like a well planed exercise which keeps your heart and spine active. You breath harder which helps your lungs.

    However as far looking beautiful is concerned, I am not very sure since during the sexual intercourse no one but my partner is looking at me and they always feel that I am beautiful/handsome anyways.

  7. Well according to research the male sperm is very protenious in nature which is very true, the male sperm carries over one million cells, which in this process it means during sex both parties benefit but the female benefits the most because the sperm released into her makes her become fresher and fatter because it is protenious in nature, while the male has to eat more energising food and work out to produce more energy or else if e continiues regularly he will be lossing weight.

  8. Does sex make you look good? This is very possible because semen has been known to help skin glow. There are people who’ve even been known to smear it on their faces and use it as a mask with fantastic results.

    Sex also requires a lot of energy and as such, you burn calories while you’re going at it. The more energetic the better, of course. That obviously translates into a firm, slimmer body. So yes, I do believe sex can make you look good.

  9. It does especially to the female gender. But too much is bad for unmarried couples because they’ll be jumping from one partner to the other.also its bad when the lady doesn’t eat good diet.the men too have to eat well so that they can have back their energy and strength

  10. having sex will only make a man relaxed but won’t change a man’s physical appearance.
    having sex frequently without a balance diet can shorten a man’s life span on earth.
    so sex without good food does not really encourage good health.

  11. It won’t change your physical appearance in the general sense and make you a better looking person but it can take away stress and give you a more relaxed look. Some people are said to glow after sex because they feel good.

    Sex will bring increased blood flow and reduced hormone levels which can give the complexion a healthier look. Regular sex can also improve skin that is prone to acne.

  12. With reference to so many research works that I have read so far, the benefits of sex is more than the harm of it and making you look good is one of the benefits. But the truth is, having sex alone without good food and also proper maintenance of your body(skin) can’t make you look good. You can look good with good maintenance of your body and good food without having sex.

  13. Yes of course, everyone know that sex and cuddling with our significant others makes us feel good and that is why we do it so much and miss it when we can’t have it at the moment, sex makes us look good and radiant beautiful, it also involved making you perform better at work,it makes you look younger of youth.couples who have frequently sex also want to stay in shape and make an efforts to look good for their aspects of love making seems to influence a person overall health.

  14. Having sex gives a person a healthy kind of glow the person begins to radiate and shine making them look fresh happy and younger sex is good and healthy when not abused because it relieves you of stress through the endorphins released there by making you relaxed so we can say that sex is also a form of beauty theraphy

  15. that is a deception from people to make one buy in into sex. believe me I know of people who were looking very good until they engaged into sex and looked so bad. sex doesn’t change anyone’s appearance to the better instead to the worst. though there are cases where it seems so at start until you realize it destroyed you more than you were.

  16. No is never true that sex makes look good. It can make you lool good but is a few people.And those people are people who has addicted to it .so when it took long time and they have not had sex thry don’t feel comfortable until they had sex.But if you have not addicted to it nothing will happen to you and your body when you do not had sex.It is like when you are addicted to any drug like weed,cocaineor marijuana when you don’t get it even ome day you can’t sit. To me the only thing that can make you look good is feeling happy or the time and you don’t think of nothing.

  17. having sex only satisfies your sexual desires it doesn’t make you look attractive or more beautiful. you can take a close look at the prostitutes they have constant sex yet they are not prettier than the beautiful girls that hold the dignity of their lives.

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