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  1. Technically yes if the wife is prepared mentally and physically but medically no as a woman is not supposed to have sex for at least 5- weeks after giving birth.

    However, there is no hard and fast rule but it entirely depends on how was the delivery either normal or complicated.

  2. I don’t think is unfair so far the woman is his wife it is better to have sex with her than to commit adultery in their marriage and moreover if the wife can handle it they are good to go. Some even have sex with their wife some weeks after birth, in as much as the wife is not complaining.

  3. First off, a man having sex or making love with his wife cannot be regarded as them having an affair. Secondly, making love is a two-way street because when two people come together it’s because they both want to do so – or at least I hope it is, after all, it IS the 21st century.

    As to whether or not it’s ok for a man to make love to his wife 1 month after she’d had a baby, this is a question for her doctor to answer. Any decision made should be based on how quickly she heals and of course, what the doctor recommends. I’ve never had a baby, so I don’t know how long is usually recommended.

  4. Of course not. A woman may not be able to have sex for a while because either she is tired from looking after a new baby or she may have had stitches which are taking time to heal and make sex uncomfortable, but that doesn’t give a man the right to have an affair.

    If a man can’t wait a month to have sex with his wife after just one month then he must be a very selfish person. His wife has carried his child for 9 months, given birth to it and now has to take care of it. He should be prepared to wait a little while as this process can take an enormous physical and emotional toll on a woman.

  5. I think body and health status differs. Depending on the health condition of the woman. Some can cope with it it while some can’t.
    But i think 1 month is okay to start having sex is she is not having any health challenges, or preferable they should visit a doctor to make sure its not going to be a risky think to do.

  6. It is totally wrong cause the woman as lost a lot of blood and when he meets her she might end up having complications. Sex is not good that the man cannot endure besides she is still recovering most especially when is the mother first time or having a child. Wk I would advice the man to give the wife at last six months so she can b alright

  7. I don’t think I can advice a man for that than to confront him to endured and be patient to live a bachelor life for additional month because this affair you see need emotions like romantic and kisses to make your sex enjoyable and satisfaction but if your wife demand for it,I think she have the strength to satisfy and make it enjoyable as usual because she ask for it.As for me I rather give her more additional months for her to be very strong and good enough after putting to birth for us to enjoy it as young couples at honeymoon. Though if you can’t endure and control yourself then you can still have an affair with her since she’s your wife than committing adultery.

  8. It depends on the wife, if the wife is capable of doing it then there us no problem with the man to have affair with his wife, as long as the woman is strong enough to handle her husban, but if the lady is not strong or she is not interested maybe she is not in mood or if she is not capable then the man should not force the woman. In our society today some women can allow their husband to have affair after birth because they are strong woman.

  9. It is not that okey because of the complications of the delivery. It is advisable for the the man to exercise patience and hold his body for the wife to recover. Although some men can. go to the extreme. The wife should understand her husband and pray to take control.

  10. I don’t think it is fair but instead of the man going out to commit adultery it is better to have an affair with the woman he call his wife. it is common in our world today to see women given birth less than a year after the last issue the family had.

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