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  1. There is a saying that lie itself is a risk I just check the WhatsApp and I discovered that it has a WhatsApp group and he also has a chat that you can talk to him personally. The truth is this since he has a WhatsApp group and I have seen some Nigerians I would have a private conversation because inronynbeloeve that as a scam he would have a private Allies in Nigeria to scam people. When I chat prrsnaolly with some of these people then I can decide if Bizotic is indeed legit or is a scam.

  2. From all that I’ve gathered about Bizotic on their website and presence on other media platforms, I highly doubt that it’s a scam.

    Bizotic is a high end, web based cutting edge platform, tailored to meet certain educational management solutions for educational institutes, job trainings, and especially students of learning. In other words, Bizotic is simply a platform used for presenting learning and training materials, test subjects and assessment. Learning institutions, work offices, and even certain governments agencies can hire Bizotic for educational proposes. This is basically what Bizotic does and the exact kind of service they provide. And judging from their homepage, I think their services are quiet affordable and considerate compared to other alike solution providers.

    Although Bizotic is relatively new given their start year of 2015, I don’t doubt their authenticity. A simple review search over the internet won’t come up with negative reviews of Bizotic. They have a Facebook page, twitter page and a LinkedIn profile. I think these are all the signs of an original venture.

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