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  1. Among the different categories of questions asked in this platforms . I don’t like those questions based on ones sex life because it has little or nothing to offer at all .
    Also questions pertaining to ones life style is a bit not comfortable with me because I don’t like sharing my life style with people .

  2. To be frank, I couldn’t pray when my mind is not conditioned. For me, praying is like engaging in sports that I need to warm up so that my prayer would be sincere.

  3. We don’t have to lie to God he knows our thoughts, he knows our needs, and he knows what’s in our hearts. When we pray we talk to God. We can talk about anything. We pray to thank him of the daily blessings that comes our way. We pray of our burdens  and we ask guidance. God is there and watching us all. Though He knows everything about us, it is good that we talk to him, and that in His ways he will answer what will be the best for us.

  4. sincerity really matters when praying to God , because your not dealing with mere mortals like us but rather immortal been, that is really far beyond our imaginations. so when praying we should be very sincere.

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