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  1. online banking has made my banking transactions very easy. it has made even the expenses lesser for me. with the security of the banking system I think to some great extend the online banking is even more safer if one wants to secure his or her account.

  2. I absolutely LOVE online banking and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread! It not only helps us the customers but also helps the banks reduce queues. This way, productivity is improved as bank staff can focus on more pressing and important matters.

    For me, personally, it saves me the time and energy of having to go in and stand in a queue. It means I can get on with more important things. Plus, I save petrol money as I can literally do my banking from anywhere as long as I have access to WIFI.

    As to whether the money is safe, yes it is. Does that mean your money will never be stolen? No, it doesn’t, but we all have to take the usual safety precautions to ensure that our bank accounts aren’t compromised. Of course, the banks also have to ensure they have the most robust security systems in place.

  3. Online banking is safe, reliable and convenient, less hassle and secured providing you downloaded the app from a trusted app store, but for those who don’t require an app but rather a ussd code it’s still safe.
    Although it can be quite dangerous when one is in a life and death situation of being robbed at gun point and made to make a transfer involving a huge amount of money to another account under duress.
    It has its advantages and disadvantages but I’ll still state that it has done more good than harm…

    1. Would it be easy to transfer money to an account that is not enrolled in your account system. I just don’t know if that can be possible. Because when I did online transaction I can only transfer to those enrolled accounts. I am not sure how this transfer feature work for other accounts that are not enrolled prior to transaction. So I think this is still safe.

  4. There is nothing that is safe in the world even our physical bank is not safe and that is why you see thief breaking into the bank and steal.

    if offline business is not 100 per cent safe then you should expect lots of risk in online banking.

    But if we do nothing because of not wanting to take risk then our lives will remain in a spot.

    I will advice you to do any kind of business you want to do with the mind of if it work then it work and if otherwise so be it.

    Remember life itself is a risk.

  5. Online banking is well recommended and safe to many peoples in world wide due to easy transection that is convinced and faster without contacting bank directly. With the help of online banking it has improve a easy ways for peoples living far to make an easy transection like transfer of money, airtime and paying of bills using phones and laptops without necessary entering the bank for deposits, it is also well secured in aspects of security provided and downloaded from a reliable source and always make sure you logout by not leaving your account open.

  6. Online banking has made banking related activities easy and convenient. It has helped to reduce the stress and queue in the bank. You can now perform bank transaction without anyone knowing. But it becomes more safe if you don’t disclose your details to anyone.

  7. Well it depends on how you are smart and perfect, as long as you don’t share your details with anyone. Always keep everything secret within yourself. Online banking is fast and as long you can follow the rules above then it is save as well. You can make transaction anywhere without visiting the bank stall. Online banking is save and fast.

  8. Online banking is safe and is the best for now but you will need to protect it so that people will not gain access to it in order not to use it to scam you of your money, be careful of those you give ur phone to and always make sure you close your account don’t leave it open by not logging out.

  9. online banking is safe , convenience and fast compare to having contact with a bank directly. it also help people staying in areas that are far from where banks are located. even on transit ,one is able to make transaction which makes it convenient. it’s also secure in aspect of security provided it was downloaded from a reliable source.

  10. Online banking makes life convenient for me. I can check how much I have in my account and I can also pay bills from my bank account.

  11. On line Banking is a big boon tiday as we need not carry cash every time every where! We need not go to bank now and then to have cash and to transfer the cash.

    Because of the online banking I am getting my salary deposited in my bank every month. I am paying various bills like electricity Bill, water Bill, Dish TV bill, Mobile phone bill, Internet bill, various taxes with teh help of on line banking.

    I am in a position to transfer the funds to my friends and other family friends whom I want to send cash because of this online banking.

    In fact I can collect mini statement of my account and also my annual statement at the end of year from the bank on my computer.

    My monthly insurance premium, my monthly installments of Recurring Deposits are automatically paid into the respective accounts from my online Bank.

    In fact my son has paid the Hospital bill with the help of my Debit card when I went a surgery in the recent past. Thus I am very happy with the online banking and I totally feel that as a safe and effective one!

  12. For me, online banking is safe, since I already tried to withdraw any amount and I didn’t encounter any issues or problems. I’m also working at home and normally I receive my salary through an online bank, and after receiving that I send it directly to my bank, I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and I didn’t encounter any problem of doing that.

  13. online banking is the most safe way of keeping your money, because keeping money anywhere will be very harmful leading to stealing of the money or even rat eating up the money, also using online banking will only give you monthly interest to your money that’s even making life more easy.

  14. Online banking helps me in many ways like knowing my bank balance, making payments for online shopping, sending money to my friends and relatives etc. Is is safe? Yes, it is safe provided you follow the rules and be always alert.

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