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  1. yes have actually noticed that but i feel that there’s know question for now to be reported to because everyone is extra careful.

  2. I have already witnessed it! In then past also sucj button was there but it used to take us to home page once if we pressed it!

    I really don’t know if this button is working or not! I never tried it so far!

    What is the harm in using these buttons if they are provided here to keep te site clean?

    In fact I have suggested about these report buttons long back in one of the questions and I am very much in favor of these buttons to keeping the site clean!

    These buttons come in handy whne some one wants to spam the site with some unwanted writing materials, commercials and other trash!

  3. I think that is an opportunity for us to report the question if it sounds idiotic as to insult our intelligence. You probably know what I mean. But I haven’t clicked that button yet.

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