God – Can He Understand So Many Langiages?

There are so many people in the World following a particular religion but speaking some different language! Thus there are many languages fallowed by the people having a same religion!

I always wonder how the God understand these hundreds of languages people they speak when they pray him in their native languages?

May I know about your views about this aspect!

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Updated: July 29, 2019 — 4:21 pm

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Emmanuel Ekpenyong
Famed Member

God understands all the languages, because he made us all, except for the man made God that can’t even move not to talk about understand languages.

MathzyM Adamu
Noble Member

When Israelites come together in building house from earth to heaven in order to have easy communication with God and the work was so serious,with seriousness that God found in them he then differentiate one language to many languages, this simply means in all thousands or hundred languages he hear all because he own all tongue even the hair on your head are numbered and he know the count.

Monday Abbey
Noble Member

I’m very sure and believe that God understand all languages in the world and nothing stopping him from adding more languages if he wants to.


Corazon Henson
Famed Member

In my religion, God is omniscient which means he is the most intelligent. If that is the case then God knows everything with no exceptions.

Frederick Espiritu
Noble Member

I think so. God created everything. So He created all the languages we have here even the languages of animals or he can even read what we are thinking.

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