Does Post Office Serves As A Bank In Your Country?

I know in many countries the function of the Post Office is restricted to delivering the letters, documents , parcels and money by charging some charges.

But in India the Post offices have some other additional functions with them out of which the banking is very important one.

The Post Office is Government Organization which acts as bank. In the last few years the Post office has been given the status of Bank and it performs all the functions of the Government Banks.

In fact it gives bit more of interest to the people depositing in it!

Do you have Post Office in your Country which performs the function of Banks?

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Updated: July 10, 2019 — 2:40 pm

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  1. No, the post offices here are just that and banks are totally separate entities. But over here you’re able to pay your utility bills at the post office, and you can also renew your car tax disc and renew your license there as well.

  2. post office should be post office and not bank, in my country post office serve as agent on delivering letters to their senders, and no money receiver to avoid scammers.

  3. In my county Post Office is really limited only in giving and receiving mails to some individuals or establishment. But now Post Office seems to be really declining in terms of its income because of the rapid advancement on technology that we have now.

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