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  1. I am still not knowledgeable of this crypto currency but my mind is open into learning more about it. But at this moment I still don’t want to be active on sites that are have this kind of payment.I have to learn more about this before jumping into using this. I will choose sites that is paying through paypal and later decide if I want to have the new way of payment in the future.

  2. At first, I was confused about the crypto currency stuff but with proper study and reading of articles on it, I get to know some things about me. It’s true most sites now use it as a means of payment but the truth is most of these sites are using it to do fraud. Some would say they have sent the Bitcoin amount into your wallet but when you check your wallet, nothing of such transaction occurred.

  3. Yes I do get confuses with crypto currency which may be because of the fact that it is still not generally accepted yet world wide and its use is restricted to few number. Also there is difficulty in how to mine or acquire some of them especially bitcoin . Also There recent frauds in cryptocurrency has made it even more confusing and difficult to understand.

  4. I am not really ignorant of bitcoins and other crypto currencies but I don’t support if and I don’t trust it for many reasons. First is the origin. Where does it come from? Who creates the currency?

  5. Cryptocurrency trading is one of the lucrative business online if you know how to do it. This us because the price cryptocurrency fluctuate every time and if you buy them when they are low you sell them when they get high. Bitcoin is the leader if cryptocurrency . This is because it was the first to be used online as a decentralised medium. for.payment online.

  6. Yes , I do, I find crypto currency as whole as difficult and confusing to understand, maybe that’s because the algorithm about it is also confusing, boring and repetitive. I joined crypto currency site 2017 and till now I understand just few concept on how it operate.

  7. Absolutely yes,am very much confused about the cryptocurrency,i don’t really know much about the currency,neither do i know the exchange rates between the US dollars and the said cryptocurrency,does a particular country uses this currency as their national currency or is just one of this ghost currencies,so am totally confused about the currency.

  8. No, not at all, cryptocurrency is very easy to understand just like physical money that is used to buy anything on the market.
    I’ve been opportune to know more about bitcoins in early 2016, when i worked with many faucets that pay to do little task, and with all the time i spent online getting bitcoins for myself, i got to know how the entire bitcoin network works, from the price fluctuations which is normal with every currency in the world today to the value, from one bitcoin to the last satoshi that accumulates to form a whole, till that there’s nothing about bitcoin that is new to me, and in the same light i translated my knowledge of bitcoin into understanding how other cryptocurrencies work, and it’s the same, the only difference is in the value, and we have the likes of Ethereum, Dash, Dashcoin, Monero, Litecoin etc.

  9. I have purchased and used cryptocurrency severally in the past. I opened different bitcoin wallets and I even earned satoshi by claiming them from sites that offered. After a while, when the value of cryptocurrency started dwindling, I sold the rest I had for fiat currency.

    Cryptocurrency business is lucrative if you know your way around it. People make tons of money buying and selling these currencies.

  10. im always hearing about this crypto currency but I don’t know how it work and I wish to know more about it in case of another time, and I need anyone that can explain it well better to me so that I can understand how it’s work and how to use it

    1. Up untill now, I avoid such sites that have Bitcoin as their only way of paying. Reason is that I’m not very knowledgeable about it and I haven’t done further research about crypto currency. Will be studying about it in the future, though.

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