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Nsyprim Friday
Noble Member

I have observed that whenever I drink alcohol I talk alot, though I don’t take it regularly but whenever I have a bottle of alcohol then o will talk even more than I used to.

Femzziy Logo
Famed Member
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I would say no because I do take alcohol but I’m not a talkative

Oghenekome Irobo
Noble Member

Yes, alcohol makes you a talkative. Drinking alcohol is associated with aggressive behaviour, accidents and ill health. Yet many of us choose to drink socially. This may reflect alcohol’s actions on specific brain circuits which make us feel euphoric and less anxious. .This gives a sense of well-being and a sense of mild euphoria

Good to know. We also know that vodka, gin, and whiskey tend to make many men feel a little sad and mopey, and likewise, wine, whiskey, and tequila make the ladies feel blue.

Corazon Henson
Noble Member

I am not a drinker but I have noticed that our house becomes noisy when my brothers were drinking beer.

Alex Socorro
Famed Member

Not really talkative but somewhat hyperactive because alcohol has a good effect on me.

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