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  1. Earning online is not in anyway a waste of time in my opinion i think that the same time we spend browsing through sites and posting pics and sharing articles that we dont even know how it generated or if its scam can be used to exercise our mind mentally and taste our level of intelligence and earn money.

  2. Earning online isn’t a waste of time because the same data wasted on stupid things can be used to make money,based on facts people spend and waste time on stupid things instead here is an opportunity to do something with ur time and data. So I would gladly and responsibly advise anyone who needs money to make money online though you need to be very careful based on the facts of scam

  3. No it is not a waste of time at all because you can do it during your free period or those period you use to chat which dose not yield anything for you at all. one can also learn a lot of things online and as same time earn peanuts .

  4. in as much as there’s payment involved, I don’t think working or earning online is a waste of time. Money is everything in life so without money one might not be properly addressed. earning online is the best for me.

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