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  1. No Way…in my Opinion , it will be asking for too much to ask banks to accept Crypto Currency before the year end, because –

    There is nobody to guarantee the value and validity of Crypto currency
    There is no mint like fiat currency where equivalent Gold is kept as parallel Government.
    In case something goes wrong whom will you complaint for the fraud?
    Do you have any physical currency to handle?
    What will you do if the Crypto currency sites are closed within over night like what has happened in the past.
    Why at first place there is a need of a Crypto currency when World is unitedly doing business internationally with the existing currency system without any problem.
    If there is a Cryto currency then why there are more than one? Today we have mushrooms in the name of Crypto currency.
    Why the Crypto currency is listed in the stock market?
    Why the Crypto currency is not recognized by many countries.
    Why there are fixed number of Bitcoins in the market? Who decided that the market may not grow beyond this?

    All these things makes the Crypto currency a joke and no body takes it seriously!

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