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SireRumu Rumu
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Masud Rumu

I still have three meals a day because am used to it. But what I don’t indulge in is the three course of a single meal like your question is asking. Right now am compelled to ask. Who still does appetizers, main course and desert meals? I mean, this is just some eating classic formalities done by very few people, people who approach eating as a thing of class. With so much going on in a person’s life, am afraid not a lot of people still practice this old system of eating. But then, I might just be saying this… Read more »

Rosemarie Chavez
Trusted Member

We don’t usually follow those when we just have a simple meal at home with family. But when there is an event and have visitors that’s the time that we have those course. Regular meals here is common. those courses that you mentioned maybe followed by those families who are well off. Just happy that we have meals 3 times a day. That can be sufficient for the needs of the family.

ebube echefu
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Actually to be honest I don’t even have a 3 course meal everyday its usually a 2 course meal like morning and night because that’s student live for you not everyone can afford to eat 3times a day and as for the desert and appetizer stuff let’s see main meal first before finishing touches.

Isabelita Danganan
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We don’t eat 3 course per meal as we have tight budget, but we’re lucky enough to be able to eat 3 meals everyday plus snacks. If lucky, we get a dessert sometimes, but we’re not used to eat an appetizer.

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