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  1. Yes. We still do the laundry with our own bare hands.


    As a matter of fact, we don’t have washing machine, so we are really used to it.


    I think it’s really preferable, less consuming of energy, my only concern is about our hands.


    We do the laundry everyday, as my mother doesn’t like it weekly unlike the others.

  2. Our washing machine is dedicated for ordinary clothes. But for special clothes we have a laundry woman who comes once a week for hand washing.

  3. using your hand to wash and to dry is never bad it maybe as the results of the low income your earning that cause you not to purchase those equipment.

  4. Yes I do hand washing laundry because I never for once think of getting washing machine to easy my work.washing with my hands is preferred than that of machine.

  5. Yes. I normally hand wash white garments. It is because the washing machine makes the white garments into pale yellow with black dots.

  6. For me I don’t have time to do hand wash,because my kids are still young,need to take care well.For my sensitive clothes,I just buy the netbag,and put there before put in washingmachine,so that willnot destroy easy my clothes.

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