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Daisy28 Orillo
Noble Member

Before I don’t know but whenyi started to have a family, I know it already. Before I like to buy branded bags, even still new, if I saw have new trend I will buy again, even shoes and clothes, I like to buy even I haven’t use yet the new bought .now no more, because it’s not my needs anymore, it’s just I want. Now I know what will I buy, just the needs to see my family and my needs or needs at home. When you have family already you will just noticed the  value of money.

Emmanuel Inyang
Noble Member

Trust me, marketers wish they could dupe you into buying things you don’t want. … You can, however, make people buy things they don’t need. … Because the real reason we buy things we don’t need is not as simple as “we’re vain materialistic capitalists!”

Ayodeji Seun
Active Member

At times I buy what I want and what I need, but the most important thing is to buy what we need not what we want.

Iwuchukwu Joseph
Noble Member

In most cases I buy what I really need at the time because I don’t have much money to buy things that I don’t need at the moment. Is better to buy what you need than what you want

Corazon Henson
Noble Member

If this question is about shopping, I always have a shopping list when I go to the supermarket to buy the basic needs at home. But for my personal shopping of clothes, shoes and accessories, I normally just have a list on my head.

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