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  1. If this question is about shopping, I always have a shopping list when I go to the supermarket to buy the basic needs at home. But for my personal shopping of clothes, shoes and accessories, I normally just have a list on my head.

  2. In most cases I buy what I really need at the time because I don’t have much money to buy things that I don’t need at the moment. Is better to buy what you need than what you want

  3. At times I buy what I want and what I need, but the most important thing is to buy what we need not what we want.

  4. Trust me, marketers wish they could dupe you into buying things you don’t want. … You can, however, make people buy things they don’t need. … Because the real reason we buy things we don’t need is not as simple as “we’re vain materialistic capitalists!”

  5. Before I don’t know but whenyi started to have a family, I know it already. Before I like to buy branded bags, even still new, if I saw have new trend I will buy again, even shoes and clothes, I like to buy even I haven’t use yet the new bought .now no more, because it’s not my needs anymore, it’s just I want. Now I know what will I buy, just the needs to see my family and my needs or needs at home. When you have family already you will just noticed the  value of money.

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