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Olusegunsamuel Omotayo
Noble Member

yeah especially when a lot of people are against the action

Michael Ola
Noble Member
Michael Ola

I think we all judge our motive either it yield to positive or negative. I for a fact judge my motives sometimes

Angie Ashworth
Famed Member

I think things through before taking charge – I always ask myself how my decisions will be viewed, if I’m comfortable with that, how they’re likely to affect others and myself, how they’re likely to change the dynamic, how they can potentially affect the future for me and others etc. You always have to be ‘spatially aware’.

Frederick Espiritu
Noble Member

Yes, especially when the outcome will make a big difference in my life. Not only that I also tend to consult others about what will I do and notes whatever they will say. To study them for me to arrives with a good decision.

Rosemarie Chavez
Noble Member

That means think before you act. That should be the right mindset of an individual. Always think of the golden rule. Do unto others do unto you. If that can be bad to you then it will be to others as well. Be guided by our conscience.
I’m glad that I have this mindset because the last thing that i will is to hurt others by my action.

Abigael Jerobon
Noble Member

Yes, I usually judge my motive before I do anything. I don’t like making rush decisions as I know from experience that they have many consequences. I usually ask myself if what I am doing is beneficial and what I might have to face later.

Iwuchukwu Joseph
Noble Member

I Think I will use the word evaluate than judge . I evaluate my motives to find out if there is any flaws in it or not and to make sure am taking the right decision.

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