Do You Have Rainy Season In Your Country?

In India we have all the four Seasons and we expect the Rainy season to get start in the month of June / July which may last till September!

Depending upon the area we have different intensities of rain and we have different situations in those areas.

Some places may be as arid as deserts while some may get flooded!

Do you have a rainy season in your country and Are you happy with it?



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Updated: July 12, 2019 — 4:16 pm

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Adapala Koteshwar Rao

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  1. I love the rainy season when there is no storm or typhoon because I am saved from the chore of watering my plants. But the problem with rainy season here is the excessive rains that cause floods.

  2. Yes we only have two seasons, the rainy season or dry or the summer. Rainy season usually starts june to October. September to October seems to be the typhoon months. And summer is April to May. But most foreign visitors would think we have summer all the time. But we think summer from April to May when it is the hottest.

  3. yes in my country we actually have two seasons, the raining season and the dry season, the raining season starts from March and end on October, whereas the dry season begins on November and ends February.

  4. Yes we have rainy season as from may to August.with this we plant different crops that are of benefit to mankind, presently now they have started harvesting Millet and some have started eating new maize from their own farm.

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