Do You Have Problems In Rainy Season?

In India We Have got lot of problems during the rainy season.

In urban areas because of floods te traffic is jammed the life becomes  standstill.

The transportation becomes dead slow and the life is full of confusion.

In rural places we have many land slides, severe loses because of the flooding and cloud bursts.

This is a regular feature and together with this some times we have bad cyclones which takes many lives and does a lot of property loss.

There is a lot of efforts being taken from Government’s side to safeguard the people!

Do you have problems in the rainy season? What are the typical problems you have?

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Updated: July 12, 2019 — 5:03 pm

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MathzyM Adamu
Noble Member

Yes we have problems with rainy season in our country Nigeria most especially month of August,rain fall without limit and cause damage to many people living homeless and destroy crops.

Angie Ashworth
Famed Member

Botswana is a semi-arid desert so we barely get anywhere near enough rain. We could do with a lot more. However, there are times when parts of the country do get flooded, destroying people’s property. But in all honesty, it doesn’t get as bad as your cyclones. I think the last one that caused a lot of damage was Cyclone Dineo a couple of years ago.

Emmanuel Inyang
Noble Member

actually in my country we actually have two seasons, the raining season and the dry season, the raining season starts from March and end on October, whereas the dry season begins on November and ends February.

Alex Socorro
Famed Member

Our only concern during the rainy season is the flooding of the roads. Sometimes the nearby village is under 6 feet of water. You can imagine that we become isolated for a day or 2 when that happens.

Oghenekome Irobo
Noble Member

Common health problems in rainy season. In the rainy season there are air borne diseases and water borne diseases. Among the waterborne diseases, dysentery is the biggest problem. Since, there is a problem of water logging during the rainy season, mosquitoes get conducive conditions to breed.

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