Do You Have Any Mandatory Saving Plans Every Month?

Many people have the plans of saving the money in different ways.

Some people save some amount in the savings fund and after some time they may convert it into fixed deposit.

Do you have any saving plans where by you need to save compulsorily every month?

Like I used to invest in 5 year recurring deposit where I was suppose to deposit some fixed money every month for 5 years. if I failed one month then next month I was supposed to pay along with the fine!

Do you invest your money in any of such deposits?


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Updated: July 10, 2019 — 4:12 pm

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Adapala Koteshwar Rao

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  1. yes I have a mandatory saving plan everyone month, because I need to care for my younger ones, I need to pay bills, I also need to pay for my school fees, so saving is very important part of human life.

  2. As for now i don’t have a saving plan, but that is part of what i will do soon, getting a good and appropriate saving plan is the the best.

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