Do You Easily Get Mechanic To Repair Your Car In Case Of Emergency?

Last night when we went for shopping our Car got broke down and we had to make to stand on the side lane and had to come back my place by hiring a taxi.

I called the Company people in the morning, the mechanic will come to my place and collect the keys and having understood the location he will toe the vehicle to the garage.

Then he will give the estimate after testing vehicle and will repair the Vehicle.

That is a lengthy process! Do you easily ger mechanics at your place to repair your broken car?

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Updated: June 27, 2019 — 4:03 am

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Adapala Koteshwar Rao

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  1. Not often do i Easily Get Mechanic To Repair my Car In Case Of Emergency. Sometimes are are less busy and when you really need them they are not just around .

  2. My partner is able to fix my car depending on what is wrong with it. He has done my brake pads before, installed new batteries, repaired my window when it wouldn’t close but he does say that today’s cars with their electrics are harder to fix.

    I do belong to a breakdown service which will come out within 2 hours if my car breaks down but thankfully I have never had to use it. I have a fear of being stranded somewhere and not being able to get home. I always take my phone with me whenever I go out just in case.

  3. In my country Nigeria, we use to have a neighbouring mechanic that we can easily call upon to repair our cars once it breaks down.
    Also, you might even have to call your personal mechanic to go pick up the car for repair and return it back to garage…

  4. We used to have a neighbor mechanic that we can call in case of a breakdown. But now we just have to rely on any available mechanic around the vicinity. Early this year while in the province my sister’s car had a problem with the gear. We asked around and someone offered to fetch a mechanic. Within 2 hours the car was running again.

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